Kia Ora! Let’s journey
together to create
waves of positive

Offshore wind. Harnessing our most abundant resource.

At New Zealand Offshore Wind, we get that renewable energy matters. We understand its importance and value the positive effects its use can have on both our local and global community. Starting from the heart of our Taranaki region, we see the opportunity to create waves of positive change towards a cleaner energy future.

Wind energy is starting to play a significant role in the supply of clean, renewable energy all over the world. To harness the abundant and world-class New Zealand wind resource, we’re working on a solution to help meet the clean energy shortage, both locally and globally.

It’s time for New Zealand to step up and assist the global transition to a low-emissions economy through making more use of our renewable, natural resources.

Let’s talk about how, together, we can create waves of positive change.

We see exciting opportunities, for both Aotearoa and the world.

Our mission is for New Zealand to become a global player in exporting clean, renewable energy.
Through the proven technology of offshore wind farming, we have the ability to create clean and cost-effective energy that has far less impact on our land and resources than business as usual. With this, we can open doors to exciting opportunities for Aotearoa, starting right here in Taranaki.

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Together, we can harness our most abundant resource.