There’s no question of the importance of renewable energy.
But why is offshore wind a smart investment?

  • It’s clean. It’s time to transition away from the dependence on fossil fuels and start making use of the natural resources in our own backyard.
  • It’s cost effective. More consistent wind conditions are present offshore, providing far more effective and predictable energy production. As the wind turbines are located offshore, they can be made larger so they’re more productive, reducing costs and creating cheaper electricity.
  • It puts the planet first. Low emissions future to protect the planet.
  • It’s proven. This technology has been used worldwide since the early 90’s, and our oceans have similar conditions to tried and tested offshore wind areas in Europe.

There’s more magic behind our coastlines than we think.

Aotearoa is blessed with abundant natural beauty and resources.

"New Zealand is recognised as having one of the best wind resources of any country in the world due to its location, lying across the prevailing westerly winds in an area long referred to by sailors as the ‘Roaring Forties’."

Research shines a spotlight on our South Taranaki waters to offer a promising opportunity for offshore wind. Favourable bathymetry (water depths) creates ideal conditions for fixed turbines to be placed up to 30 km offshore or floating systems in deeper water further offshore. This is complemented by the region holding a wealth of knowledge in energy production, relevant skill sets and existing supporting infrastructure. This is not just a Taranaki opportunity though. Research into the offshore wind potential for other regions is only just the beginning.

With every change, comes an opportunity.

We see the benefits going far beyond creating a ‘cleaner NZ’. Put simply, we believe offshore wind has the potential to:

  • Boost the economy – Infrastructure of this nature has huge potential to attract investment, providing many jobs and business opportunities
  • Local complementary industries could see benefits. The introduction of a new local attraction aims to bring visitors to the region
  • Offshore wind farms have been executed globally but this will be a first for New Zealand. Let’s collaborate as a community and all contribute to where our energy is coming from.

Together, we can harness our most abundant resource.