National Impact Study

The development of an offshore wind energy industry in Aotearoa will play a critical role in helping the country meet rapidly increasing demands for clean energy and our net zero commitments.

The ability to improve New Zealand's electricity security of supply

This report determines correlations between offshore wind generation, onshore renewables, and electricity demand on a time and location basis.

Haumoana Capacity Building Report

Now is the time for the people of Aotearoa to learn about the benefits and challenges of developing an offshore wind industry, so that current and future generations may benefit from employment, regional development and clean manufacturing opportunities.

Offshore Wind Discussion

New Zealand is at a turning point when it comes to powering our nation’s future. Targets of a transition to a low-emissions economy are gaining momentum and present us with opportunities to investigate and innovate when it comes to the renewable resources that New Zealand is blessed with.

Together, we can harness our most abundant resource.