Objective: To transition into renewable energy field while safeguarding our environment

Offshore construction activity can be harmful to the environment, thus complying with the environmental protection principles, such as identification of risks and constraints, research, training, long-term monitoring, as well as strict management of hazardous materials, ensures the best protection of sensitive marine organisms, habitats and processes.

Offshore renewable developments and marine mammals

Underwater noise caused by anthropogenic activities, could be a serious threat for numerous marine species, including invertebrates, fish, and marine mammals. The effects and mitigation of offshore construction, particularly driving of monopiles into the seabed, is a critical part of environmental impact assessment. In a study undertaken by Bailey et al. (2010) modelled injuries to the auditory organs of bottlenose dolphins were predicted only within 100 m of a construction site, but behavioural changes, such as avoidance, had a predicted effect in a range as great as 50 km. Multiple mitigation measures can be applied to minimize any harmful impact on marine mammals, including a 'soft start' technique that gradually increases the sound pressure, giving the mobile organisms the opportunity to swim away. Additional measure is a so called 'bubble curtain system'. Continuous stream of air bubbles are released from a hose surrounding a pile, rising from the bottom of the water to the surface. The unwanted sound energy is absorbed in the bubble wall, reducing the noise by up to 30 decibels.

New reports on off shore wind makes quite a buzz.

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New Zealand energy export deal finalised.

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